Getting involved early on projects allows us to understand the complexity and uniqueness of each project, ensuring that we provide accurate first estimates and building reviews. As we develop the construction documents , we use our extensive construction experience to conduct engineering sequences, developing precise plans and making informed decisions to keep each project on track and to prevent any disappointing surprises to our customers down the road.



Project Management

CDB Construction has a “hands-on” approach to Project Management, the owner serving as an ally through the independent evaluation of each project’s costs, schedule, and overall construction performance, to including the evaluation of any changes. We develop, promote, and maintain solid, reliability based relationships with each project team that ensures cooperation and quality construction using precise, effective methods which result in each project being built to the highest industry standards affordable and in a timely manner.



Collaborative Building Design

CDB Construction place’s a high value on good customer relationships from the design of your project to completion. Partnering up with the owners to design an open, cooperative environment that results in significant opportunities for improving project design, cost savings, and achieving precise expectations. The overlapping of designs, permits, and construction schedules can improve traditional project development methods.


General Contracting

We are laborer’s, we can be seen on the job getting our hands dirty to make sure everything gets done right and to the customer’s satisfaction. We maintain an excellent staff of both field management and administration personnel as well as a unified workforce of tradesmen. We have pride in our work and the fact that we are a quality “general contractor” in all aspects. From design to construction, we look out for the owner’s best interest and claim responsibility for all aspects of your project.



Work Self-Performed

Each job we do is completed to the highest quality standards, within the owners set budget and completed on time. We place extreme value on key roles that our ability to perform has played in the success of our past projects. With qualified employees of experienced craft professionals, CDB Construction is able to self-perform important portions of its building projects, including concrete work, rough carpentry, siding, door and window installations, and building finishes.




At CDB Construction, environmental friendly initiatives are improving the way that we maintain and operate our company. Our approach is that, even if a project is not maintaining a sustainable criterion, it is important to bring sustainable principles to the design and construction process to increase the value to our customers.